Tips for Locating the Right Accident Attorney


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Not only can it be complicated, but it can also be extremely daunting when the average person needs to hire an attorney because of injuries or death suffered by a family member. Not every person is thoroughly versed in the law or the practice of attorneys, and this can make it hard to even know where to begin.

Important Things To Know


  1. Understand the kind of case you have – There are several different areas of law, and not all lawyers have experience in the same specialized field of law. In order to locate an attorney that has specialized knowledge in all aspects of your case, it is important to know exactly what kind of case it is that you need to hire an attorney for.
  2. Consider all factors before deciding on an attorney – Just like selecting a specialized physician is an extremely important decision, the same is true when choosing a lawyer. There are several different factors that should be taken into consideration before selecting the attorney that will be working on your case.
  3. Keep the lines of communication open – There are many reasons why communication is vital when locating an attorney.

a. You will want to select a skilled professional attorney that is dedicated and thorough. It’s also important to know they will spend a sufficient amount of time in providing you with the opportunity to communicate every single aspect about your case.
b. You need to know what to expect in terms of the amount of time and how often your lawyer plans to update you on the particulars of your case. The length of time you may expect your case to last and details about the progression of your case are just a few of the things that you will want to be informed on. Poor communication can ultimately lead to time and money that is wasted.
c. The attorney you hire must have good communication skills to present your case in court to the judge, other lawyer’s, or a jury.
4. Know your lawyer’s field of expertise – Personal injury law encompasses several specific areas of expertise that various lawyers might practice. To ensure you receive the results you are looking for, it’s important you consult with an attorney that has expertise in the field of law that pertains to your case.
5. What are the work practices of the attorney you are considering – There are several important elements pertaining to a lawyer’s work practices that you will want to inquire about.
a. Do they plan to hand your case to another lawyer in the office that has less experience?
b. Do they plan to be the only attorney working on your case, or do they plan to also use the skill of a partner?
c. Will they make every attempt possible to settle your case before it goes to court?
d. Do they have the aggression required to keep your rights protected?
6. Level of experience – In gaining an idea of the level of experience the attorney has that you are thinking of hiring there are several pieces of information you should inquire about.
a. Number of years the lawyer has practiced law
b. Types of cases the lawyer has taken and how many did they win
c. Length of time they have had specialized expertise in personal injury cases
7. Do they have a vast network of professionals at their disposal – It can be very helpful to hire an attorney that has several different resources that are available to them for studying and proving your case in court.
8. Do they take advantage of technology – While you may think that practically everyone has knowledge with the way the Internet and other technologies of today work, this is not necessarily true. Make certain the attorney you choose stays current with all the technologies available to them to effectively prepare and execute your case.
9. Fees – It is important to know exactly what will be expected of you in terms of fees. This not only includes initial fees it may cost to hire the attorney in question, but you will also need to inquire about fees that you may be responsible for if your case is won. Contact to learn more.