What are Negligence Damages?

Read this educational tutorial review on what exactly are negligence damages and discover the hidden knowledge that lawyers went to law school to learn. The question often arises in the uneducated consumer mind. What are negligence damages? Negligence damages could be the result of a dog bite.

Negligence damages fall into several categories as follows:

  1. Special damages are economic damages, such as medical bills, like ambulance or hospital bills.
  2. General Damages.
  3. Punitive or “Punishment” Damages.

Special Damages

Special damages also include damages for future nursing care and prescription drugs to name a few. Special damages also include property damage for a total loss of a vehicle and for lost past wages, and lost future wages. Special damages also include past, present and future lost wages.

General Damages

General damages include money damages for physical and mental pain and suffering.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are sometimes available for reckless and intentional conduct to punish the evil-doer. These damages must be deemed reasonable and necessary.

Other Damages Issues

A car accident victim cannot be unreasonable and mustn’t overtreat and cause medical bills. This is especially a hotly contested issue in soft tissue cases, where an injury victim
suffers primarily subjective injuries, as opposed to objective injuries such as those that could be seen objectively in a catscan or x ray. Objective injuries include broken bones and other orthopaedic injuries, including fractured skull.

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